Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Little Updates

Well, it's been a long time since I posted anything here. In fact, Blogger had me link my account to Google+ when I started to do so. Perhaps that will mean more people will see what I post. Maybe not.

Anyway, I wanted to mention something that has been on my mind. A while back I wrote a post about family members not using my Wife's expertise when purchasing a home. I wrote that because I was frustrated and I couldn't let it go—writing it, was my way of letting it go. As soon as I posted that, I no longer was feeling angry at people and within a week, It was completely gone from my mind and all the bad feelings were gone and I could get back to feeling the same way about family members that I always had before.

In January I got laid off—This is happening with a frequency that I don't like. Luckily it has nothing to do with incompetency on my part, and everything to do with incompetency on the government's part. I was told that it was a direct result of Obamacare + the end of the Bush Era Tax Cuts, my employer simply could not afford all the new fees forced upon him by government oversight. I am firmly in the Less Government is Better than More Government Camp. You will never hear me utter the words, "There ought to be a law..." Frankly, new laws should be the last resort.

Six months later I'm still looking. So, based on the track record from last time I was looking for work—I only have a year to go before I'm employed again. YAY

Recently, some family decided to use my Wife's expertise when buying a new home.


Also, I know I ranted last time, and it probably sounded like I was complaining about how "Life's Unfair" to those that don't know me very well—Well, I know life isn't fair. I teach my kids life isn't fair every time, "That's not fair!" or some variant escapes their lips. In fact, I've heard them tell their friends as much from time to time, which is awesome. 

Here's the thing. I live a blessed life. The Lord has watched over us time and again. We even found out about some circumstances with that other Realtor that told us that the Lord was watching over her when that previous transaction took place, and we were glad that she got that paycheck, because she needed it even more than we did. 

And, I'm sorry that I'm a weak man, I'm sorry that in order for me to Get Over Something that in my head I knew was something I just needed to let go, I had to write about it publicly for my psyche to get the message. I'm far from perfect, but I'll keep trying. 

I shall leave you with this (My Demo Reel), if you know of anyone that could use my Digital Media Skills, send me that way, part time, full time, freelance—I'm flexible: