Sunday, June 01, 2014

Looks Can Be Decieving

When it comes to Digital Audio Restoration. Often things that look irreparable can be cleaned up, and sometimes things that are barely visible can be irreparable.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Extreme Audio Repair Sample

This Is an Extreme Example of How I Can Repair and Clean Up Audio.


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Audio Restoration Process

For those that are curious about the process and delivery method of my transcription service.

It Starts with a recording. Provided by the client. (hopefully that's you.)

The Physical Medium is cleaned thoroughly to ensure the sharpest recording possible.

Some records require a little more cleansing than others.
Don't try this at home.
(Unless you've been properly trained as I have—otherwise, you might damage the tunes)

Then the record is played, and the sweet, sweet, sounds are scientifically transferred from the Analog to the Digital realm.

The sneaky little notes have to be trapped, so I use this device, much like the Ghost Trap in Ghostbusters--Unlike Ghostbusters however, turning off the power supply doesn't blow up the fire station.

Then, like a Drill Sargent at a futuristic boot camp for newly digitized melodies, I iron out those tunes and make them like new again, clicks, crackles, and excess noise are removed methodically and with precision. 

Most transcription services use a simple, single pass, click and crackle processing. I use a multi-pass algorithm for click and crackle removal that surgically removes the unwanted noise leaving little or no distortion in it's wake.

Finally the product is delivered on Compact Disc in this snazzy paper sleeve of my design. Unlike commercial paper sleeves, mine are printed with the Original Album art, and are designed so that they can fit into a Jewel case if you so desire.

Star Wars Sound Track in Dolby Surround on LP

I just finished processing the Original Star Wars Double LP for someone, On a whim, I took it a step further and processed it for Dolby Surround (Star Wars Was the first movie mixed in Dolby Surround, I've heard that most movie soundtracks after 1977 on vinyl, are the same audio mix from the film and thus are encoded on the vinyl in surround—they just have to be decoded) and it sounds AMAZING!!!

It's hard to believe the original source is vinyl when listening to it on my Surround Sound System. (Even though I did the transcription myself)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Fathers Day Gift Idea

Fathers Day is Coming Up!
LP Transcriptions Make Thoughtful Gifts. A Forgotten Memoir of his Youth, like a High School Choir/Band Album--
or Perhaps something he brought home from a mission or a trip abroad?

Now is the time to think about it, transcriptions and clean up take some time to do.

Contact me for pricing.

Digital Audio Restoration

I realized that not everyone I know is on Facebook, and I would hate for all you Blog followers to miss out on this...

Do You Have An Audio Restoration Need? I can fulfill your audio dreams, and solve your audio nightmares.
Have you got stacks and stacks of vinyl records just lying about? Or perhaps just one or two precious gems that you can't part with.

Perhaps you don't have a working turntable, or perhaps you have a low quality turntable and would like to hear what those records should really sound like.

Maybe you have a multitude of cassette tapes lying about.

Do you have something rare and out of print—or a precious piece of family history that everyone in the family would love to hear, but no one has the equipment to play it.

Speaking of Precious Family Moments, do you have a moment of Family History Locked away on an "Ancient" piece of mysterious technology? I can unlock its mysteries for you.

Have you got something from your youth, that you would like to share with a new generation?

Maybe you found something unusual at a yard sale and would like to hear it, but you don't want to invest money in equipment for just one record.

Perhaps something really old that you have and would like to hear, this 1916 Edison Diamond Disc for instance.

Or maybe you found a Cylinder Record of that Poem Grandpa has recited all your life, and you would like to hear the original.

Do you have some Quadraphonic Records Lying About, and are you itching to hear the glorious 4-Channel Surround?

Don't want to buy specialized equipment from the 70's Just to Hear A record or two in surround?

Do you have audio repair needs? Is that recording extra crackly? Did the Air Conditioning Ruin the Audio of your best take?

Contact me for details.