Friday, March 28, 2008

Christopher Columbus & UFO's

As I have mentioned before, I enjoy listening to Coast to Coast AM. I have also mentioned that you have to take everything said with a Grain of Salt.

Yesterday I listened to A Broadcast that confirmed to me that my suspicions about UFO's are at least partially true. I have maintained that UFO's are probably Classified Military. The B-2 Stealth Bomber project started in the late 70's and was hidden from the public physically and financially until its official public announcement on Nov 22 1988. Not the first Secretly Developed Aircraft, but certainly one of the most public arguments over "Black" Budget was a result of the B-2 Stealth Bomber. I'm certain that other top secret projects are handled much better than this, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if Expensive projects like the B-2 were part of the "Black" budget cover up. Like one of my favorite quotes from Independence Day, "You don't actually think they spend $20,000.00 on a hammer, $30,000.00 on a toilet seat do you?"

Okay, now to get to the point. On Coast to Coast they spoke to Luke Fortune. Luke is a Lawyer that had a UFO encounter in 1997. He began researching the UFO phenomenon, but ran into dead ends speaking to "UFO" Authors, who apparently had "Smoking Guns" that they had discovered and were preparing for release in their next books. These Charlatans had nothing but here say. (A lawyer would recognize that)

At the time he was doing work for a client that involved searching records at the US Patent office, and he began to research "UFO" technology in the patent office, and he has been doing this for 10 years now. He has released 10 books on How to build a "UFO." The Basics is an introductory "Layman" explanation of all the different technologies involved. Volumes 1-9 delve into the Specifics of different components of the Technologies involved in "Exotic spacecraft." For instance Volume II is about electrogravitics, Vol IX Hydrogen systems. According to Luke any one volume could be used to build a "UFO," but each volume concentrates on one particular field of exotic engineering. Excluding The Basics, these volumes average 575 pages and are 99% Patent 1% comment. I sound Like a commercial, but this is Fascinating.

Really, check this Patent out.(3,774,865) It's the one he has on the cover of all these books.
And that patent refers to all of these: 2949550 3022430 3022963 3339863 3614481 3632065

Check 'em out - cool stuff.

At this point you're probably thinking to yourself, What on earth does this have to do with Christopher Columbus?

Well I was listening to another Coast to Coast AM episode and the guest Claimed that Christopher Columbus witnessed a UFO. He claimed to have seen copies of documents written in Columbus' handwriting that described a Flickering Candle Light that Flew around the Ship and then plunged into the ocean (Unidentified Submersible Object). So after listening to him recount this, I looked into it.

I found it on a UFO site listed as having happened Oct 11, 1492.

So I looked for Columbus' Journal from what I found, it appears that Columbus' original source material is Missing. And what we do have is Abridged by Bartolome de las Casas, Columbus' biographer who had the original source material.

Here is the actual account of Columbus' "UFO" encounter (Translated from the original Spanish):

After sunset steered their original course west and sailed twelve miles an hour till two hours after midnight, going ninety miles, which are twenty-two leagues and a half; and as the Pinta was the swiftest sailer, and kept ahead of the Admiral, she discovered land and made the signals which had been ordered. The land was first seen by a sailor called Rodrigo de Triana, although the Admiral at ten o'clock that evening standing on the quarter-deck saw a light, but so small a body that he could not affirm it to be land; calling to Pero Gutierrez, groom of the King's wardrobe, he told him he saw a light, and bid him look that way, which he did and saw it; he did the same to Rodrigo Sanchez of Segovia, whom the King and Queen had sent with the squadron as comptroller, but he was unable to see it from his situation. The Admiral again perceived it once or twice, appearing like the light of a wax candle moving up and down, which some thought an indication of land.

He certainly embellished that story, and I've gone on long enough. Log this under F.Y.I.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Resolve

Wow, has it really been that long since I posted?

Every time I read a blog from my brother I'm impressed and think that I need to do more of that. I was glancing over the last few posts and noticing how out of date my blog is, yes I am a slacker.

Moira is Two now and does so much now that there's too much to say. But I do have a Moira Story related to me by Emily.

Emily was upstairs getting ready for the day and heard a metallic/glass sound coming from downstairs and questioned, "Moira?" You know the tone of voice a mother uses. Moira responded with "Need Help." Emily Glanced downstairs and sees Moira standing there with a Knife in her hand.

"Moira what are you doing?"
"Need Help."
"How do you ask?"

Emily went downstairs and 32" Tall Moira had pushed her stool to the counter and was attempting to acquire a slice of Banana bread on her own, using the Butter Knife (you were worried about that knife thing weren't you?) that was left in the Glass Bread Pan with the Banana Bread.

What a Kid.

Okay, so that's the Moira story of the Day.

I also needed to mention that the Job I previously referred to as a place that cares about their employees decided that the best way to please their Stockholders was to Screw their Telephone Technicians. They moved us to a New Division (i.e. they no longer needed to report the financial status) and reduced pay and introduced an "incentive program" and NERFED the Benefits.

At the same time this was happening, the project I was on decided it was time to move to India. So I got assigned to a new project that decided that India was no longer working for them.

Interesting tidbit. When a company moves operations to India it is apparently only Profitable for 3-5 years, then due to Language Barriers and Customer Service Snafu's it is time to bring operations back to the U.S.

So I found a new job as a Technology Software Specialist. It's a NON-PHONE job. So my previous post, from so long ago finally applies.