Saturday, May 28, 2005

A Blog Begins

I've been wondering about this Blog thing for a while and thought I might give it a spin. I have wanted a place to post my opinions about certain things, and a way to possibly post Sketches and Doodles - a visual Blog if you will.

I'm sitting at work and I have Little to do. Currently I am employed as a Dial-up Phone Technician for MSN, I've worked here for two and a half years and Have climbed the ranks (stifled laugh) to Level 2 Tech aka. Resolution Specialist. Some few weeks ago we were informed that Tuesday the 31st of May would be our last day, and the volume of calls has declined steadily ever since - Wednesday of this week (May 25, 2005) I took a grand total of 2 calls. The Longer of the 2 calls lasted a fantabulous 6 minutes, and yes I worked a full 8 hour shift.

I'm caught up on all the Web-comics I read. I've read all the news-posts found on So Here we are - Blogging.

I have 2 days off and then I come in on Tuesday for my last day. They didn't Fire or Lay-off the whole Department; rather, they're shifting us to a new project/client/subsidiary. So on June 6 I will begin Training as a COX Cable Video Technician. For some that means more pay, but for me it means less (and a less desirable schedule) So I have been Franticly searching for a new Job. Last week (May 20) I had an interview for a Graphic Assistant Position at Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate, and yesterday they called me and Scheduled a second interview, so hopefully I'll be working in a more desirable field of work in the not too distant future.

Before Posting I ran a spell check, I find it Ironic that the Blog Spell checker doesn't recognize the words Blog or Blogging.

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  1. Crazy spell check!
    I'm so glad you decided to start a blog my dear.
    Good luck on your 2nd interview!