Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Resolve

Wow, has it really been that long since I posted?

Every time I read a blog from my brother I'm impressed and think that I need to do more of that. I was glancing over the last few posts and noticing how out of date my blog is, yes I am a slacker.

Moira is Two now and does so much now that there's too much to say. But I do have a Moira Story related to me by Emily.

Emily was upstairs getting ready for the day and heard a metallic/glass sound coming from downstairs and questioned, "Moira?" You know the tone of voice a mother uses. Moira responded with "Need Help." Emily Glanced downstairs and sees Moira standing there with a Knife in her hand.

"Moira what are you doing?"
"Need Help."
"How do you ask?"

Emily went downstairs and 32" Tall Moira had pushed her stool to the counter and was attempting to acquire a slice of Banana bread on her own, using the Butter Knife (you were worried about that knife thing weren't you?) that was left in the Glass Bread Pan with the Banana Bread.

What a Kid.

Okay, so that's the Moira story of the Day.

I also needed to mention that the Job I previously referred to as a place that cares about their employees decided that the best way to please their Stockholders was to Screw their Telephone Technicians. They moved us to a New Division (i.e. they no longer needed to report the financial status) and reduced pay and introduced an "incentive program" and NERFED the Benefits.

At the same time this was happening, the project I was on decided it was time to move to India. So I got assigned to a new project that decided that India was no longer working for them.

Interesting tidbit. When a company moves operations to India it is apparently only Profitable for 3-5 years, then due to Language Barriers and Customer Service Snafu's it is time to bring operations back to the U.S.

So I found a new job as a Technology Software Specialist. It's a NON-PHONE job. So my previous post, from so long ago finally applies.

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  1. Hooray honey, I'm excited about your new job!
    Silly pie Moira, I could tell a story a day if I got on the ball about blogging.