Friday, August 08, 2008

New Font

Some of you may have poked your head over onto my other "blog" where I keep Mr. Squishy Comics. I started it in 2006 with one comic and have since then posted. . . a second comic. 

I always start these projects and then get hung up on something I want to do of which I am no master. 

I finally got around to creating a font that is based on my handwriting. I'm still tweaking the font's default spacing, but I have re-done the two comics posted at (Mr.) Squish(y) so if you want to see a sample you can take a look. Luckily I only had to manually adjust the letter-spacing in 2 places.

I actually have quite a few comics drawn that I had intended to post on the site, I even spent a month fiddling with CSS trying to get the site to look like I wanted. I was going to try 3 times weekly, but that didn't happen. Maybe I can do once a week. But I need a better process for getting the pencils into the computer; my scanner is painfully slow and my digital camera worked pretty good for the first two, but the third is not working out so well.


  1. The comics looks o much better with your font!
    Good luck finding a more efficient way to post comics!

  2. Ahhh I remember Mr Squish, the site looks good, but I what do I know.