Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cell Phone Dice

My obsession with dice is well established.

Recently, my wife had me upgrade my cell phone. As far as cell phones go, I don't really care—all I use it for is making and receiving calls. I don't text, I don't even have a texting plan (texting is a step backward in technology AND a way of avoiding communication—but that's a rant for another time) I don't use internet or any data functions of any phone I've ever owned.

However, I learned last time that I avoided updating my phone that if you put it off for a few years, it's a big giant hassle. (Because my technology and thus my plan was so outdated that it ended up costing us ridiculous amounts just to upgrade) Again, not the point.

So the new phone has the ability to run applications. I downloaded p2e Multidice (linked from Savage Heroes) which is nice, but I really like programs to be more graphical and GUI. So I searched around and found this Dice Application which looks pretty good, but it's still not quite the functionality I'd hoped for.

One cool thing that the phone features, and is utilized in the pre-installed demo games and in the the media player controls, is an accelerometer.

Now those of you out there that have iPhones or iPod touch have all manner of dice applications that utilize the 3-axis accelerometer, but I'm a cheapskate and will probably never have enough in the ol' family budget budget to justify the purchase of one. I have yet to find a java based one that I could use on my phone—bummer.

Does anyone know of one?

I'd love to write one, but alas—I'm an artist, not a programmer. I created this little program using Macromedia Director back in college, but I never finished the full scope of the idea because I couldn't figure out the Lingo.

Anyway, I'm asking if anyone out there knows of one, or would like to program one. I'm willing to provide artwork.


  1. You and your dice. Good luck!

  2. Oh and I like your little dice rolling program. It's very amusing to just sit and throw the dice.

  3. Yeah, I don't text or internet on my phone either. I agree with you.

  4. Have you found anything other than the media player that taps into the accelerometer? That might not even talk to java apps.

  5. Indeed I have.

    I have several Flash Files that tap into the Accelerometer: A single d6, an acceleration meter, an accelerometer data loader, an inclination meter, a points the direction of gravity arrow, a magic 8-ball, and a water level thing.

    As for Java apps, all the preloaded games are Java based and several use the accelerometer (Need for Speed, Bowling, and Turbo Jet Ski) I also found a Light Saber App that makes light saber noises as you wave the phone around (swing harder and it makes a striking sound rather than a humming wave-through-the-air sound) and Marble Madness that utilize the accelerometer—though the Marble Madness doesn't work with the accelerometer—I think that app works better on the w910 model.

    I also found a developer blog on writing a 3D dice app—sans accelerometer. But if the two could somehow be married...

  6. Come on stay old school and just roll the bones. nothing digital.

  7. I like rolling real bones on the table. I just like digital tools as a fun thing to play with at say... scout camp, or in line at the grocery store—that sort of thing.