Sunday, April 18, 2010

Your Marshall Presents—A sandbox Game

Last time the posse defeated a wolf in priests clothing and the demon he summoned and dispelled much of the fear that was leading to some strange happenings in town. Leaving me in a difficult situation. What are they going to do next session. I'm trying to let this game be a little more open ended than the last game I ran—but I don't want it to be so open ended that the players feel lost.

I read through two alternate adventure modules and boned up on some portions of the adventure module they've been going through and I planned to try and direct the players toward one of them. They decided to hook onto something else however and went somewhere I wasn't planning to take them.

I apologize for the stalling. Sometimes I'm just not good at improvising. I had to work two new players into the game. One opportunity worked a little better than the other, if Justin starts coming regularly again, I'll either need to get him hired by Mr. White, or just retcon his induction into the group.

The shoot first ask questions later attitude is going to cause problems in the future if it doesn't get curbed. In this game it worked out, but only because I happened to remember that there was a gang hanging out south of town—so they did happen to be shooting at people that are wanted by the law, but it very easily could have been a Sheriff and a posse, or a Marshall, or Just a bunch of Ranch Hands.

I'm still a little confused by the way the character Mathias has been acting. I guess in my mind he's a gentleman of refinement, who happens to have some skill in the arcane arts. He just seems too eager to do things that are   extreme (Chopping heads off, Burning Down a Church). I guess what's bugging me about it (because frankly, I've been having a hard time putting it into words) is that this isn't the character I was sold on. I thought that this guy would be more concerned about keeping his shirt clean and pressed, and less eager to remove the heads of dead gang members trying to turn them in for some supposed bounty.

Overall, I think the night went well. I think everyone had fun (and that's my goal). I think if I could get the group to be more group minded then things could progress a little better.


  1. I had fun as usual!
    My character was not OK with shooting the strangers in the dark, until we found out they were a wanted gang.
    Sure was a good time even though we threw you off!

  2. The Heads and guns aren't just munchkin there really is a point and purpose but it's a secret Shh shh. I can't tell you.

  3. It's not the head cutting off that bothered me, it was that it came across that you were gleeful about doing it.

    I've been thinking about it, and I probably should have made anyone helping to do that roll a Spirit Check—I will probably start the next session that way.

  4. Okay, so maybe the head slicing was over the top. I'll admit that.