Thursday, July 08, 2010

Bluetooth + Wii Remote + Classic Controller + Glovepie + Joy to Key =

A Nostalgic Journey with a twist (For those the grew up playing games on the Nintendo Entertainment System).

Bluetooth Dongles can be obtained for Pennies plus Shipping from Amazon.

Wii Remotes and Classic Controllers cost a bit more ($40 and $20 respectively)—But we already had those.

Glovepie can be found Here. (Free) The Author Really Wants You to Believe in Man Made Global Warming, It appears the link I had here previously was outdated (I think It changes frequently to force you to read the global warming messages) Click: Downloads, then click: I already have 100% Green power, I'm ready to download GlovePIE, then click on the version you want, as of this update I clicked: Click here to Download GlovePIE 0.45 Free (with Kinect support)

Joy to Key can be obtained Here. (Also Free) Click the big link in the upper right corner that says: Download Joy2Key.

Connect the Wii Remote to the Computer using Bluetooth (skipping the authentication number bit). Then connect the classic controller. Open Glovepie and apply the zSNES Script found here. Then Run Joy to key and map the arrow keys to the directional pad, and z, x, and c to buttons.

{edit: I've found that if I run Joy to Key then connect via bluetooth, then run Glovepie that it's easier to get the bluetooth to connect and stay connected.}

Then You Go Here for Squeee (You may have to setup the controls in the game options for it to work right) Link Has Been Updated and is Working as of 6/19/2014.

I'm going to create a tutorial video of this, since I get more hits on my blog for this post than anything else. 

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  1. So that's what you've been doing on your lappy lately. Cool!