Tuesday, November 09, 2010

King Brian's Antics

In March I tried to Purchase Darby O'Gill and the Little People on DVD, but it was sold out. I found it a month later and picked it up. I was looking at the DVD Case and noticed immediately that there was something wrong.

Still Don't See It? Try taking a look at it on the shelf.

King Brian is Definitely Up to His Tricks Again!


  1. I would never have noticed that.

  2. Crazy...and I almost couldn't figure it out. Thanks to the second picture I did. Fantastic you still sort your DVD's in alphabetical order. I'm impressed.

  3. Well, you'll notice that Emperor's New Groove is out of place, the two Ernest Movies should be together of course. This is what happens when you have kids—but generally they're mostly in order.

    However, I don't just keep them in Alphabetical order. Everyone thinks I organize my movies weird. They are Alphabetical by Distribution Company (all the 20th Century Fox Movies are together, All the Columbia Tri-Star Movies, Disney Movies, Dreamworks, MGM, Warner Brothers, etc.)

  4. French books are like that too. Go figure.