Monday, June 11, 2012

Sgt. Excerpt's Only Parts of "Concerts" Grand

I took a class called Digital Audio Essentials last semester.
The First Assignment Given (And the Last Assignment Collected) was a "Desert Island" CD
i.e. a collection of our favorite songs.

I never knew how difficult it would be to narrow my favorites down to one CD. (I ended up doing a Double Disc Set and there are still things missing from it.)

I thought that I would share some of the Things that I did for that Assignment.

I'll Start With  the Cover:

As a Teaser of things to come, Here's the e-mail I got from my Professor when he saw the project:
Wow. I'm blown away by your CD project. Not only for the coolest project ever, but for the incredible depth of the selections. And you made it a concept concept album to boot.

It is crazy cool, and by far the coolest project ever submitted. Will you be my bff? OMH, Jeff Wayne? Who even know's that piece anymore? Movie Man by the Osmonds is one of the most overlooked Osmond tracks ever. And that album was their Pepper. Weird Al's shows do rock! Peter Gunn - yeah! Freberg as a concept piece bookending the 2nd CD? Brilliant. Art of Noise - forgotten gem. Ballroom Blitz, just crazy 70's rock. And peaches is the best song the Presidents ever did. Seriously, we need to get together this summer, when I get my album shelves made. You will freak over my album collection.

You oughtta consider taking the audio restoration class. I'm teaching it this summer (if I get one more student it will carry), and in the fall. You would literally groove to it. Nice Job, easy A+, I will hold this up to future students and say "try to top This".


  1. This cover is awesome. I like the self-portraits, of course. My I've stared at the rest of it for a good 5 minutes, just soaking it in and trying to decide on why you chose certain things. (Some things were obvious to me, of course.)
    Nice to know you still dream in color. :)
    Pity you couldn't work a small and dainty poodle in there somewhere. ;)