Monday, May 26, 2014

Digital Audio Restoration

I realized that not everyone I know is on Facebook, and I would hate for all you Blog followers to miss out on this...

Do You Have An Audio Restoration Need? I can fulfill your audio dreams, and solve your audio nightmares.
Have you got stacks and stacks of vinyl records just lying about? Or perhaps just one or two precious gems that you can't part with.

Perhaps you don't have a working turntable, or perhaps you have a low quality turntable and would like to hear what those records should really sound like.

Maybe you have a multitude of cassette tapes lying about.

Do you have something rare and out of print—or a precious piece of family history that everyone in the family would love to hear, but no one has the equipment to play it.

Speaking of Precious Family Moments, do you have a moment of Family History Locked away on an "Ancient" piece of mysterious technology? I can unlock its mysteries for you.

Have you got something from your youth, that you would like to share with a new generation?

Maybe you found something unusual at a yard sale and would like to hear it, but you don't want to invest money in equipment for just one record.

Perhaps something really old that you have and would like to hear, this 1916 Edison Diamond Disc for instance.

Or maybe you found a Cylinder Record of that Poem Grandpa has recited all your life, and you would like to hear the original.

Do you have some Quadraphonic Records Lying About, and are you itching to hear the glorious 4-Channel Surround?

Don't want to buy specialized equipment from the 70's Just to Hear A record or two in surround?

Do you have audio repair needs? Is that recording extra crackly? Did the Air Conditioning Ruin the Audio of your best take?

Contact me for details.


  1. I shall remember this, as I do have some stuff that I'd like transferred. Do you, by any chance, have the means to transfer 8mm film into DVD? If not, that's OK.

  2. Maybe. I know what the process is, but I've never tried it before. I think I have access to an 8mm projector—but I'm not sure if it's in working order.