Thursday, May 04, 2006

Coast to Coast AM

For those of you not in the know.
  • Current Tectonic Plate theory is incorrect, planets Grow like Geodes.
  • There is a Hole in Washington State that is, for all intensive purposes, Bottomless.
  • Said Hole was commandeered by the US Government.
  • There is another "Bottomless" Hole in an Undisclosed area in Arizona.
  • Best theory: Atlantis Lies under our Southern Polar Ice Cap.
  • Conspiracy Theory's are a Plenty (and there just may be a little truth in some).
  • Bigfoot/Yetti is Real.
  • So are a plethora of other creatures (Chupacabra, Thunderbird, Nessie to name a few) Maybe.
  • The Sun has a Solid Ferrite Core.
Don't believe me? It's okay, whether you believe or not it's fun to listen to. Check out the website. You can find local affiliates, or even subscribe and listen to the last 90 days worth of shows.

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