Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Spore on the Move

The time of no information has passed.
E3 2006 is here, and information on Spore is rearing its head once again.

For those that don't know, Spore is the only game of which I've ever followed the Development.
Spore is the codename for Sim Everything!
Because Spore Sounds much more interesting, the codename became the real name.
Essentially you start as a single cell organism, and develop into a dominant species with technological abilities of godlike proportions.

The original GDC 05 Demonstration Can be found Here. (1hr 16sec)
There is a "Leaked" Video of Game play - found Here. (3m 44sec)
Game play Demonstration and interview - found Here. (7m 49sec)
-Part of the 1up show - High Rez can be downloaded HERE.
Game Play Demonstration from E3 can be found Here. (18m 8sec)
There is also a short clip from GDC 2006 found Here. (0m 18sec)

Will Wright G4TV interview and Editor Demo - -Here. (6m 29sec)
- Scroll down and search for Spore (Click Go when Searching Enter Doesn't Respond)
The One and only original country bear Spore Trailer Here. (1min 30sec)
THE OFFICIAL SPORE Web Site Updated for E3 2006 Here.
Robin Williams Plays Spore at Wired Event Here. (39min 13sec)

The innovation of this game is Twofold.
a) Player Generated content - All in-game content will be created by players of the game.
b) Procedural Content - Animation, Textures & Entire Galaxy in a Box will be created via algorithms.

As for release date: April or Early May 2007

I'm excited to play. You just might be too.

Edit - The Game has an OFFICIAL release date. Sept 5 2008 - MY BIRTHDAY.

OK technically that is the European release date - in the US, it is releasing on the 7th.

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  1. YAY for Spore! Those videos are awesome! I can't wait to play Spore. But until then I guess we can only dream. :/