Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I kinda freaked out when I had a big Manila folder from the F.B.I. in the mail today. Then I remembered that I had requested a background search, and that I was supposed to not open it and take it to the HR department.

UPDATE: I took the envelope to the HR representative in my building. She opened it up in front of me. The Note from the F.B.I. said (and I quote), "No File Found"

So I don't have a record with the FBI, but now they have my Fingerprints.


  1. and????? dig up anything we should all be aware of?

  2. I would have a hard time not opening the package. I would want to see what the FBI had to say about me.

  3. RE: "and????? dig up anything we should all be aware of?"

    I don't get to open it, I don't get to see it. But I could Pay the 18 bucks for the fingerprints myself and send off for another one if I was really that curious.

  4. Good thing you didn't open it!