Friday, April 25, 2008

My Dice

This is just a tangent of a comment from the the last post. As I said, I have a bit of an obsession with unusual Dice. The Bottom View's color is a little off, because I had to take it without a flash and I was just too lazy to try to actually get enough light in the room.
(Click for Full Size)


  1. Holy Crap!!! that's a pretty amazing collection of dice. I have a couple set of standard gaming dice. Pretty amazing

  2. Hey, I told Jeni (Mcintosh) Griffith about your blog. She said that the mouse story was funny. She never leaves comments so I am commenting for her.
    I couldn't figure out where all the pics were, then went onto the flickr. Holy crap, there're a lot.
    Nice dice collection.
    And thanks for letting P geek out with you on your last comment thingee.
    I wanted Pat to comment to you and say that we used to play agame called Talisman that took 3-5 hrs, but I have no idea if it was a German style game and it was really my brothers anyway.

  3. I love your dice my dear. My collection of orange dice is not nearly as impressive as yours!

  4. Hey Jeni, Nice to hear from you.

    Talisman seems to be an RPG/Boardgame Hybrid. It's up to 4th edition now.

    S thanks for posting for Jeni.

    As for the dice, I'm just glad that my wife is patient with my innate need to Hoard things. There's a reason I stay away from Collectible Card Games.

  5. I don't think you have enough. Time for a dice shopping spree.