Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My Eyes!!!

I need bleach for my eyes.

I mean - I know it's hot and all, but seriously!!!

The Incident happened here.

The bus I was riding was entering the freeway. I was trying to browse the internet, but the page just wasn't loading fast enough; sometimes the internet is a little slow on the bus. So I glanced out the window. I looked over the edge of the freeway (You can do that on these tour style busses, the passengers are litterally sitting higher than Big Rig Truckers) and what did I see?

A completely Naked Guy

Luckily the bus was moving at freeway speeds and the incident was over with before I even realized what I had seen.

Guh - I think I'm a little sick.


  1. HAHAHA that hilarious... what can I say I get hot in the summer. lol

  2. There's nothing wrong with being Nude . . . . . Where nobody can see you!! (Spouses Excepted)

  3. Have your eyes recovered from their trama yet?

  4. The next day I looked back at the building after the bus passed. From what I can tell it is a plastics manufacturer. They make clear plastic containers with white lids for the medical industry.


  5. Eeeeewwwwwww! I remember seeing a naked guy from the freeway in an aquaduct in Los Angles. Some images will just not go away.

  6. chaski = cuz'n Ty
    So much fun in the big city.... for him, not you... unless... naw, I didn't think so.