Monday, June 30, 2008

Gates can't be that bad.

First, Read this Blog.

I have had the exact same frustration with trying to download something from the Microsoft downloads site.
I'm glad that Bill Gates has experienced this first hand and yelled at those responsible to get it fixed. 
Seems like he's just as much an end user as any of us. 

The thing that blows me away, is the fact that someone thought that no one would be trying to Download a Microsoft Product from the Microsoft Download site.

There's an adage that goes: The Combined I.Q. of a committee is that of the Lowest I.Q. in the group, divided by the number of members of the group. I don't know if there's any truth to that, but it seems true-ish. (There is an interesting Thread on the subject here, the final post may surprise you a little.) 


  1. I agree. Last month I needed to download a spell checker for my Outlook, I called Microsoft help and they advise me to download a 3rd party program. I was like "huh?".

    Yeah, I'm glad Gate got to experience what needs to be impoved.