Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bringing Husbands and Wives Together.

I don't know about you, but when I got married I was introduced to a bunch of Classic Literature that I was never interested in: Jane Austen mostly, but all that Period Comedy of Manners stuff. My wife loves the Novels and the Movies. Admittedly the first few times she wanted me to watch these movies with her, I fell asleep. I just couldn't wrap my head around all the characters that politely refer to each other as Mr., Miss, and Mrs. and that old timey speech takes some getting used to. But now I've seen most of them enough, and I'm familiar enough with the stories that I've come to appreciate them. 

My Wife's Favorite of the bunch is Pride and Prejudice, She owns Four Versions and it is the de facto what to watch when she is sick movie. 

I've seen enough Pride and Prejudice at this point, to be very familiar with the story. I even have a favorite part.

But now there are some versions of Pride and Prejudice in Pre-production stages that will help other couples come together and watch these timeless classics in record time. It took Several years before I really understood what these Stories were all about, and someone has apparently seen fit to try and shorten the amount of time it takes for guys to appreciate these classic pieces of literature. 

This is from Movie Make Out.

prideprejudicezombiesAt first, I thought it was a joke when it was announced in January that Huffington Post columnist and producer/screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith was going to release a book based on British author Jane Austen’s often-filmed Pride and Prejudice to be called Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Word is that the Hollywood studios are already in a bidding war over the movie rights.
But today, it was revealed that they are too late if they want to make the first P&P parody film of the Aughts.
For as Variety reported Monday evening, it is 1970s balladeer/rock star Elton John and his production studio Rocket Pictures who will start filming on Pride and Predator later this year. This one is a take on the book where an alien spaceship drops into the middle of the action and starts murdering all of the characters, with Will Clark directing; Clark, Andrew Kemble and John Pape with screenwriter credits, and Elton John providing music for the film… oh [No], is it going to be a musical, too?
Now, it has become even more ludicrous because in digging for the facts of this story, I’ve discovered that eight months prior, young adult author Michael Thomas Ford got a three-book deal with Ballantine, starting with Jane Bites Back, a novel about the author who is now a vampire dealing with a 200-year old writers’ block and frustration over the fact that people who aren’t named Jane Austen are making more money off of her work than she ever did.
If we hear next that either Grahame-Smith or Elton John has died of ex-sanguination via puncture wounds on the neck, I think we know who to blame, don’t we?
I Can't Wait.


  1. I saw this book just a couple of days ago. I knew I should have picked it up.

  2. Hooray! Finally a P&P movie you'll enjoy watching with me!
    I'm not sure how much I'll enjoy it though, but I'm open to the idea.