Monday, February 23, 2009

Evil—Now for Girls

Ouija—what's the first thing that comes to mind?
Séances? Contacting the Dead? Contacting Spirits, evil or otherwise? A ridiculous concept? Completely Bunk?

Let's first look at the Facts, Ouija is a Registered Trademark, held by Parker Brothers since 1966. Parker Brothers is a Board Game Company. The Ouija name was invented in 1901 as a result of the Spiritualist Movement of the late 1800's through the roaring 20's. The Spiritualist movement is marked by a belief in God, and an ability to speak to the dead, through various and sundry ways. One way of contacting the dead is through the use of a Talking Board or Spirit Board—the most famous of which is the Ouija, though there are many others and imitators.

Scientists claim that the perceived effect of the board is caused by the sub-conscious of the participants.

Spiritualists claim that it is the Spirits (Good, Bad, Dead, or Otherwise) communicating and making contact with the living.

Penn & Teller—the bad boys of Magic—enjoy giving away the secrets of magic in hopes of encouraging Magicians to come up with new techniques and technologies. They have a television show in which they "aim to debunk what the hosts see as pseudoscientific ideas, supernatural beliefs, popular fads and misconceptions."

In an episode they took a look at the Ouija; they blindfolded the participants and after a couple questions, unbeknownst to the participants, rotated the Ouija 180°. The participants continued to move the planchette to empty parts of the board where they thought the Yes and the No were still located.

Spiritualists claim that the spirits use the eyes of those seeking contact, and that that is the reason such a thing would happen.

Then there are those that claim that they have had close encounters with evil when "playing" with this "game." George Noory of Coast to Coast AM has had numerous callers on Open Lines Friday call in to share their stories of close encounters with terror that involved the Ouija—and frankly, I think he's terrified of the things.

In fact, I'm recalling a time when I was looking at the games in the Toy department of the store where my mother worked (remember my long time obsession with games?). I asked her what Ouija was. She told me that she had never played, but that she had a friend that had played and had a scary, bad, experience (I'll forgo the details).

The object, a board with letters, numbers, yes, and no, is not inherently evil—nor is the heart shaped pointer. But there is no denying that the Ouija has a reputation of being a implementation of calling upon the dead and demons. The thing about evil is that it really doesn't matter how you invite it in, it's the fact that you are inviting it in the first place.

Well apparently Parker Brothers/Hasbro isn't selling enough generic possible experiences with "The Dark Side" so they are targeting their wicked little product to a more niche market—giddy girls. Along side Mystery Date, a "Boutique" Edition Monopoly (Decked out all in pink, in a small Caboodle style travel box), Disney Princess Dominoes, and a "Boutique" Edition of Life, and other equally girly things, on an endcap that screamed "Girls Look at Me, We're so pink you can hardly stand it," I saw a Evil "dressed in Pink Chiffon"—Ouija for girly girls. With suggested girly questions like: Who will call/text me next? Will I be a famous actor someday? Who wishes they could trade places with me? What is my best physical feature? and What movie actor/actress am I most like? (and 67 other suggested questions).

"Includes a cool carrying case! Take it to parties, Sleepovers, and More!"

Behold it—in all its pink "Glory!"

Scary isn't it?—Read the Back too.

Now just picture it, you're getting together with your occultist friends and you are supposed to bring the Ouija Board to the big ritual, but you've forgotten it. You run to the local Toys R Us and the only Ouija that they have is the Pink Girly Edition. How Embarrassing... How Embarrassing—not even the Demons, Daemons or Devils respect you enough to show up.

This whole concept is just wrong on so many levels.

Evil, available for so many years in a non-sexist form—now available in a Sexist Version, just for preteen girls! (I could go on all night like this folks)

One more observation. On the Box it states that this product is for those 8 and above. At least they want you to wait until the age of accountability before you delve into the the dark arts...


  1. Gee lets get it for our girls . . NOT!
    Evil is really disguising itself in many new ways.

  2. It would always mkae me mad to see a ouija board at the toy store and always and accessible height and now to find out they are targeting the mothers of tomorrow I am furious.

  3. Finally Evil is now accessible to those cute little goth girls. On a related note, I have a really cool T-shirt that is a "psychic telegraph" ie ouija board. and the only thing that it ever does for me is spell out S-T-E-V-E-N.. strange.....

  4. I totally saw this in the Toys R Us ad at Christmas time had oh so many similar thoughts.

  5. I was exposed to this type of toy as a child. Just not the pink color. I didn't know anything about it till later. The thing about it that I found most interesting is that as long as I was in the room, the toy would not work.