Monday, May 11, 2009

A Question of Family and Business

This is getting annoying.

When it was just one or two instances I really didn't think much of it, but it's getting entirely too frequent.

I called to wish my Mom a happy Mothers Day and found out that another family member was purchasing a house just around the corner. I just can't understand why the family doesn’t think to use my wife as a Realtor. I'm relatively certain that she knows my wife is a Realtor. Being a Realtor is my wife's full time job (after being a Mom, she chose to be a Realtor so she could work from home), and yet they chose to go with someone else, who incidentally is not a full time Realtor. I know there other great Realtors out there, but Dang-it we need the business.

We barely get by on my income alone, and my wife's income is just enough to supplement our income and keep us afloat. It's also my understanding that my wife barely avoided a purging that took place at her Real Estate Franchise due to the economy, and frankly it would be nice if she actually got some business this year.

I'm sure nothing was meant by my cousin not using my wife's business in helping to get a home, but this is just the latest in a long string of family members not helping us out by letting my wife help them. I can think of far too many transactions off the top of my head where family could easily have helped out family and went with the business of a stranger, or family that's much more established financially—or oddly enough, no one at all. It's especially frustrating when the situation would put my wife in the role of the agent helping the person purchasing the home, because the commission is paid by the seller i.e. it costs them nothing for my wife to help them and she still gets a paycheck. Again, I'm sure there was nothing implied but it's just starting to feel like a personal insult.

She's very good at her job. I've watched her doing her thing, and if I had to do that, my head would spin—but it's right up her alley and she enjoys every second of it. She pours heart and soul into every client regardless of the risk. There's always the chance in her field of business that things won't work out and she won't get paid. I've seen it happen numerous times that banks couldn't work out the loan or something of that nature and clients were forced to pull out and all that work she did was for no pay.

And it would be a lot easier to let this roll off the back, if they weren't going to be living literally around the corner from us and going to the same Ward.

I know that in the eternal scheme of things, it's pointless to let these kind of things bother you. If you keep these emotions bottled up, you'll eventually explode—better to let off some steam. In fact—allowing something like this to eat away at you can be quite literally damning. But that doesn't mean I can't be upset about it for a couple weeks. I don't hold grudges, they destroy the soul, but I do allow myself to get angry or upset in short bouts.

As a large, green, ogre once said, "Better out than in."

And because, I don't want to hear how I'm completely off base on this, or that I'm absolutely right (I'm not seeking validation). I just want to rant in order to get this out of my mind and off my back and out into the air. I'm not trying to foster discussion, this is personal therapy, publicly viewable (Let the Voyeurism Commence). I'm disabling comments for this post.