Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Friday Game

So we played our first session of Savage Worlds on Friday.

First we converted our D&D 3.25E characters, and due to the complexity difference between systems (D&D is high and Savage Worlds is lowish) combined with the fact that we're all new to the system, that took a little longer than anticipated. Then we spent a good hour trying to remember where we left off. It's been months since we played in this campaign. Then we were off—sort of.

To give our DM credit, he was really trying to not railroad us. I think, however, that everyone was sort of in the mood for a more railroaded evening. I know I was—I really just want to get to the conclusion of this campaign; give my character some closure, and then start a Savage Worlds proper campaign, rather than a Savaged D&D campaign. I only wish that we'd been able to have a combat encounter so that the players that are only familiar with D&D could get a real taste of the awesomeness that is Savage Worlds. As it was I think everyone enjoyed the Wild Die mechanic.

In fact, I'd like to run a Necessary Evil campaign—I don't know if this group would be the group to run it with. I know P would want to join, I know one person that would play if he happened to be there that night but probably wouldn't commit, and I know one other person that would join. That would bring the total to 5 and a half players. Which is one and a half more than I thought I might get.

I'm also dying to use Savage Worlds in some sort of Zombie game, because I have a lot of plastic Zombies (care of Twilight Creations) that I want to use. I know I've seen a Zombies!!! homebrew using the Savage Worlds rules somewhere online. I had not read it yet and now that I want to it's nowhere to be found. Just thinking about it off the cuff, I think it would be quite easy to have everyone create Novice Savage Worlds Characters, and then play Zombies!!! using the Savage Worlds Combat and movement. I'd have to take a look at the cards for Zombies!!! and see if there was a good way to impliment their usage or not—I know I'd want to keep the weapons, but maybe change it so the location dependant cards were not dependant on location (I've been thinking of changing that for our house rules anyway). I think I'd want to change the Zombie Movement rules, and up the per square limit for zombies. Hmm, now that I have an Idea of how I would do it, I really want to find that document I came across before, and see how they did it.


  1. I'm so jealous that you got a Savage Game going. I will totally play in any game that you run. a Zombie Scenario would be a blast. as long as I have a shotgun.

  2. I had fun! It would have been great to fight though and see the difference.
    I want to play a game where you are DM to see how it goes.

  3. Lots of combat coming up. In the next session/s should have plenty of hack and slash.

    Combat in Savage worlds is a lot of fun and is much faster than in D&D.

    I could play or create a Zombie setting. It would be fun either way. I also think that Necessary Evil could be a lot of fun.