Monday, June 15, 2009

Don't Go In the Mall!!!

There are probably some spoilers ahead—those that visit from the Savage Worlds Forum may want to skip the read if they plan on playing in a Zombie Run Game. You've been warned.

Saturday Night we continued our Zombie Run, Savage Worlds Campaign.

Only one player from the first session was able to attend, but we had Three new players for a Total of Four. So it was a good size group. After the first session we had a lot of questions about the combat, so I spent some time online researching what exactly we did wrong. Turns out it was mostly inexperience with the system, there were all kinds of strategies that would negate the difficulties of fighting zombies, and armed with this knowledge we disengaged the House Rules from the last session.

This session involved a Mall. The party was notoriously low on fire arms, and this mall happened to have a Gun Store in it. In the Middle of the Mall. A Mall with 240 Zombies in it.

I had Fun, I hope everyone else did as well.

Things of Note in the Image (Click for Full Size):

LARGE Map of the Mall.
240 Zombies, some already off of the map—having been mowed over by the Cars the players took into the mall.
Dice Tray from Dicecapades for those that don't have their own dice. (Shocking that some people don't have their own, I know)
Orange Mini Poker Chips, used as Bennies.
Red Mini Poker Chips, indicate Shaken.
White Mini Poker Chips, indicate Aiming.
(Not Pictured) Blue Mini Poker Chips, indicating grappled.
Notice the  Small Map of the Mall on the Outside of the Customizable GM Screen. (I had this covered, and when they got to the mall there was a dramatic reveal and I told them that these could be found at each of the mall's entrances)
Zombie Run Character Sheets—located at the Savage Worlds Yahoo Group.
Two allies for every Player Character.
(Not Pictured) Spontaneous Batch of Fresh Chocolate Chip Cookies.
They drove two vehicles into the halls of the mall and Left the truck outside. I made the Paper Flats for the Vehicles based on Pictures I could find.
I was looking for a Chevy Silverado, but could only find a Ford F150 (1997)
One of the Cars is the car I drive but a slightly newer model, Ford Taurus (2003)
The other is a car I've never heard of, but I found a good picture of it: a Volkswagen Phaeton (2004) which I couldn't recall the night of the game.

Things I noticed during the Game:

Everyone was getting pretty tired near the end—next time we won't go so late (the next Encounter shouldn't take as long—but it is kind of disturbing)
Players will always surprise you. I didn't think they would explore the Mall as much as they did, or split up as much as they did.
I did play it a little easy on them, I had the metal gates for the stores down, so the Zombies weren't all constantly converging upon the players as soon as they entered the mall.
Brian seemed to be dying to be more creative, but wasn't sure what to do—if he comes next time, I can assure he will have a chance to be more creative. This session was mostly a combat encounter.
Justin is still a power player (Munchkin) and I'm not sure if he will ever change, he always seems bored if he's not getting loot of some kind.
I'm still a little unsure of some of the rules, but this session went much smoother than the last.

Things I remembered after the game.

I forgot to hand out XP. Two points to everyone that played.


  1. I had a lot of fun! But yeah, let's not go as late next time.

  2. It was a good session. I had a great time, but damn my dice. I was stoked to pull a joker though. great picture

  3. Where did you get a map THAT large?

  4. I printed it on a large format printer to which I have access.