Friday, June 19, 2009

A Little Taste of Being in My Head Throughout the Day

There is constantly a song in my head. It prevents me from thinking sometimes. It's out of control. I've been thinking of blogging a play list of the songs that get in my head throughout the day.

Catch Me—Smurfs (Yep, this was running through my head when I woke up. Trust me it was better than that crazy world of Tim Burton meets E3 meets Transit Oriented Design that I was stuck in. Dreams are weird, but sometimes I'm glad to wake up from them.)
Viva La Vida—Cold Play
I can see clearly now—Johnny Nash
All You Need is Love—Beatles
All My Lovin'—Beatles
She Loves You—Beatles
Band on the Run—Wings
Getting Better—Big Daddy
A Day in the Life—Big Daddy
James K Polk—They Might Be Giants
Chill Theme—Dr. Mario
La Bamba—Ritchie Valens
I don't know the name, but the part that keeps repeating goes—Bop Bah-Dop Bop Bop Dah-Dop.
Music Box Dancer—Frank Mills
Fixing a Hole—Beatles
Transformers Theme from the Original Cartoon
The Mesopotamians—They Might Be Giants
Dare to Be Stupid—Weird Al
Escape—Rupert Holmes
Transformers Movie Themes (The 2007 Movie)

Rules: These were songs going through my head throughout the day, Songs I listened to did not count (I listened to several albums as I worked today) if something I listened to was lingering 5 minutes later when I was onto another task and not listening to music, it qualified for the list.


  1. Wow hun, you should make a cd soundtrack for your life.

  2. Very interesting the way our minds work.

  3. Wow, you are just a walking soundtrack. As I was reading your list I was think I bet this song went through his head after he left Emily to go to work or this song is probably when he was dealing with weirdo on the bus. It made me giggle.