Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Reconnecting With the World

My favorite talk radio station is moving from AM to FM. This means I can now listen on my Zune.

I've been disconnected from the world events that effect my family because I haven't had the opportunity to listen to news from a source that I trust.
I had disconnected myself from current events because of this. I've been listening to a lot of podcasts about gaming, and while that is an enjoyable pastime; we live in dangerous times and under a government that is blatantly going against the architecture laid down by our founding fathers.

Our country was founded on the rights of the individual—but our government is increasingly trying to look out for the "good of the community," and when government looks out for the good of the community, that always leads to the trampling of the rights of the individual. What they fail to realize, is that if individual freedoms are preserved, the good of the community will take care of itself.

Our government representatives are now (and have been since the new deal) striving to move toward a more socialistic model. Socialism fails every time, the reason governments continually strive toward it is because it equals more power and "prestige" to those in positions of leadership—let's not mince words: it's a pride thing.

More than ever we are busy with our lives. More than ever it is important to be involved in the proceedings of our government. There is a loss of representation in our representative government, as much as we'd like to blame the leaders right out, complacency by the represented is also a part of the mix.

By no means are we past the point of no return. If we are not vigilant, and hold those that we have voted in to positions of power responsible—if we do not make our voices known, then we will not be represented properly and we will pass that point where return is a bloody affair. We must be peaceful and use the infrastructure laid down by our founding fathers to return freedoms to individuals before it grows too late.

Though the mishandling of power has been a constant—from both sides of the aisle—since the days of the new deal, the current administration has escalated things. In a way that's frightening and bad, but at least is has woken people up. They're no longer frogs simmering in a gradually heating pot of water. The temperature change has been a little abrupt and many people that have been content to lose their rights for "the good of the community" or for "safety" are now realizing that those were not rights that should have been so willingly given away. We must strive and work to remain free. Freedom is God's intended way for all men and thus the natural entropy of this world tends to lead away from freedom. A Nanny state is not what I want.