Monday, August 10, 2009

When Google Maps Doesn't Work

I use Google Maps to find places. If I look at it using satellite view on Google Maps, my chances of not getting lost go up exponentially.

So, my sister and her hubby were speaking in church this weekend and we were invited. We thought to ourselves, "Well—we haven't seen their new place of residence yet. Let's go take a gander."

The address of the church was included in the e-mail, but I couldn't get Google Maps to point the way, it kept jumping to Hill Drive in Dover Arkansas. Even though the address was on Dover Hill Dr. After much struggling and then just using the co-ordinate system to locate the street manually, I discovered that Google Maps has the street named Doverhill Dr.—one word.

I was all set to mock my sister about having the street spelled wrong, and then as we arrived, this is the street sign (I Photoshopped out the city name and co-ordinates to protect the innocent) that we were met with. [Click Images for Hi-rez if they're too Small to Read]

So, then I was thinking about how stupid Google maps was for having the street named wrong; then we left the church and were following my sister to her house and saw this.

Apparently it's the city that doesn't know the name of the street.

This is not the first time Google Maps has failed me for this very reason. So today's advice is: If you have a street with more than one word and it's not working for you, combine words; or break compound words into their base parts.


  1. Yeah Doverhill, Dover Hill, what's the difference? More than you think!

  2. Maybe you ahould have kept the town name on the picture so we would be especially aware of the street names there.