Friday, September 18, 2009

I Love the Internet—I Hate Lazy Acronyms

More "Get-off-my-Lawn" Style Ranting—

I run across Acronyms on the internet that I have never seen before. I hate pausing to look them up. I hate the Laziness. I'm very meticulous about the things I post on the internet. If I catch a spelling or grammatical error, I fix it. I read most of my own posts at least three times before posting (did you notice how I wrote out three instead of using 3—yeah, I do that too).

Phrases I've run across that I had to look up in order to understand what someone was trying to say.



AFAIK and all its close relatives

IMO and all related ilk

LM*O and related derivatives—especially from people that wouldn't dream of cursing in the real world

R U...

There are more, but these are all ones that have annoyed me recently. This sort of behavior does not Facilitate Communication. It's bad enough that the one place I run into this the most, is the one Internet Forum that I frequent—a forum for a particular brand of Role Playing game, and everyone makes up acronyms for the different products that the company sells, as well as for rules contained in the game—frankly, the assumption that everyone knows what you mean when you refer to an obscure rule by an acronym not used in the rule book is just bad form. Definitions Below—See?! The ones you didn't know are driving you nuts.

OTOH—On the other Hand

TLDR—Too Long Didn't Read

AFAIK—As Far As I Know Etc.

IMO—In My Opinion Etc. (Especially IMHO—you are not expressing your opinion humbly!!)

LM*O—Laughing My "Head"Off, or worse (usually worse)

R U...—Are You Fill in the Blank



  1. IIRC?!!! Seriously?!!!
    These things are STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!

  2. U H8 LA-Z acronyms? WTF?

    You are probably a TLA H8R, too!

    The one I had a hard time with was TFTC... Ryan might be able to translate that one.


  3. Ran into another one. BtB

    Based on content I must assume it means By the Book, But apparently it can also mean a bunch of other things.