Thursday, September 17, 2009

Surreal Comment

I was reading a friend's Blog earlier today and he posed a question regarding the use of certain Photoshop features. I replied, and then later I saw him on Google Talk—we were chatting about that particular feature in Photoshop and I was telling him the solution I had used. I had a question as to whether the solution I used was the most efficient, because it seemed that there should be a better way.

So I Googled it. I read that the way I had done it was the only way to do it in the newer versions of Photoshop. In older versions of Photoshop there was a better way to do it which is why I thought the solution I had used was not the right way—though it was the only way I could figure out to do it.

So I read this tutorial, and as I read it, I thought of a workaround that would make the process a little easier the next time you wanted to do it. So I was reading the comments, and I was going to add my Idea as a comment—but the last poster had already suggested the same Idea that I was going to put in the comment.

Then I noticed the name of the person posting. It was my brother. It was a Surreal moment.


  1. Or different brother...because I don't remember posting anything about photoshop. Evar. But then leave crumbles of yourself all over the interwebs, so who knows.

  2. Wait hold on...I read said friend's most recent post and noticed he was talking about color palettes. Then I remembered what I just went through recently, making a custom swatch box and all...and...maybe I did post something recently.

    The internet is a big place. Google shrinks it big time. That's all I'm saying.