Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Podcast Irregularity

So there's this podcast that I listen to, and I can't stand either of the hosts. They are a Husband–Wife duo. He is cold and emotionless, she is overly emotional (no, she doesn't cry—she gets a little too excited about things—i.e. ultimate fan-girl) and not in a charming way, in a slightly irritating way.

Yet I keep listening. Sixty-four episodes. Now, add to this that they have launched another podcast, which I intend to Listen to regularly.

What I do like about the podcast is the content. I'm generally very interested in the content and the people they interview—but when it gets to the "just be yourself on the mic" portions of the show, I just have to grit my teeth.

They remind me of those socially uncomfortable friends that you have. You know, the ones that are tolerable, but a little weird on their own. But now they're dating and every time either of them opens their mouth the room is full of awkward.

Now, their podcast has joined a pod-casting network—so now I get to hear them on other pod-casts that I previously enjoyed without them.

Also, in that same suite of pod-casts there is another show that has a show segment where the wives of the hosts give their view of things. I really like that pod-cast, but that segment drives me insane. There is this Guy vs. Girl thing that I've always hated. Men need to be men, women need to be women, and neither is complete without the other, and we need to just accept each other as is and stop it with the whole Men are better or women are better garbage—we each have our roles. What I've noticed is that the people that are always pushing the whole your side needs to stop thinking that my side is inferior attitude, seem to be the ones that think their side is superior and act very immature about the whole thing.

Oh look, a mini rant ended up in my observation of myself listening to a multitude of pod-casts wherein I find the hosts annoying.

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  1. I'm glad you want me to be womanly and that you plan to be manly.