Monday, November 23, 2009

The Stars Are Right.

The Cthulhu Mythos is an interesting bit of Modern Horror Fiction that was born during the age of Pulp Fiction.

As I understand it, H.P. Lovecraft envisioned a world where we humans amount to nothing. In the Mythos he created a world where Elder Gods once ruled, but are now currently sleeping. Though they sleep, their minds reach out to prepare for their eventual return, they influence people who become cultists. These Cultists prepare the world for their return through horrific rituals. Those that attempt to learn about the Elder Gods and the World they ruled, are faced with the realization that man is nothing; merely ants in the grand scheme of things. This knowledge added to the understanding that the Elder Gods will soon return leads to a loss of sanity. The Elder gods Will Return—when the Stars are Right.

H.P. Lovecraft had close ties with other Pulp Fiction Contemporaries, and they too added to the Mythos—Including Robert E. Howard (Known Best for Conan, Kull, and Solomon Kane)

The Stars are Right is a Card and Tile Game. The Tiles are Laid out in a grid pattern in the center of the table. You then play cards to arrange the star tiles to allow the activation of cards based on patterns of stars found in the grid. The Goal is to arrange the stars in patterns that allow the Summoning of various Cthulhu Mythos monsters each worth different point values. The player that reaches ten points first wins.

I liked this game. The ties to the Chulhu Mythos were very prominent (but not something you need to know to play). Summoning lesser creatures yields lower points, and help in the eventual summoning of the Elder Gods (worth more points) by allowing portions of the Star Patterns to be ignored.

The thing I can see some people not liking about this game, is that it is extremely difficult to plan ahead, because every one is changing the stars. This slows the game down as getting the stars arranged in such a manner as needed does require some thinking.

I want to play this again. Next time, I hope there aren't two screaming kids, and two yapping dogs. Then maybe I'll be able to think clearer and Summon the Great Cthulhu—when The Stars are Right.

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  1. I want to play again as well (with less distraction).