Thursday, December 31, 2009

Google Blogger Suggestions, Wherefore Art Thou?

I seem to be unable to find where I can make suggestions to Blogger concerning functionality.

My beef is thus—I have comment moderation turned on. This means that when you place a comment on my blog, I have to say, "yeah, that's okay to say on my blog," before it is visible to the general public.

On the page where I read and approve or decline comments it only lists the comments. It does not tell me what post to which the comment is linked. So, a lot of the time, the meaning of the comment is lost, and occasionally it's difficult to tell if it is SPAM or not.

By default the only way to find what post a comment is linked to, is to go back and see if you can find the comment. The only way I've found around this, is to enable comment notification e-mails. The e-mail that tells me a comment has been posted, tells me what post the comment is linked to; what I can't seem to fathom is why that is not the case on the comment moderation page.

I've wanted to tell Google about this for a few months now, but every time I try to find the place to give feedback, I find it elusive as a snipe.

Can someone enlighten me?


  1. To your blogger conundrum. Have you considered wordpress? probably, but they have spam filtering, and the feature in which you are asking for. Also you can export blogger to wordpress. Anyway

  2. I have a Wordpress Blog. I was working on porting my Squishy web comic to a Wordpress Version, and then life got sideswiped by a second "job," that I am desperately trying to turn into my primary job.

    I like how much more customizable Wordpress is, except for the fact that I'm not a web designer. I know there are templates (like blogger), but I'm using a particular template/plug in called Comicpress—so customization is just giving me a headache, and has been moved to the back burner.