Monday, January 11, 2010

The Penultimate Session of Zombie Run

===For Those Not In My Gaming Group===
===Possible Zombie Run Spoilers Ahead===

I ran the penultimate session of Zombie Run Saturday night.

I had three players. They finished exploring the underground military base. I had promised those that RSVP a bonus of some sort that would help them out in the Explosive Finale of Zombie run. My wife is playing a "perky goth chick," so I came up with a funny bonus for her; a metallic dog collar/choker, that grants a -2 bonus versus Bite Attacks. I thought that was funny and appropriate for her character. But I wasn't sure what to give the other two characters that were coming. One character is a UFC fighter (he's a bit of a Munchkin) and the other character, she is a plastic surgeon.

I really didn't know what to give them, I'm Sure he would be happy with some sort of weapon, but I really wasn't sure what she would want. So I copped out—In the underground base there is a large room that represents the Commisary/PX—I pretty much let them find whatever they wanted that could be found in such a place (Knives, Bayonet, Flashlight/Laser Sight for guns, Sweaters/Sweatpants, New Underwear (I'll spare you the details), generator, batteries, portable surgery tool kit...) the book describes this room as undisturbed. When I stated that it disturbed the UFC fighter—that bothered him for some reason.

I was talking to another player that wasn't there that night, and told him that he would have been really angry with me had he shown up. I explained that their ability to find things in the commissary was directly related to their having sent an RSVP. I explained that the following situation could have taken place.

Player that Didn't RSVP: Hey can I find a flashlight?

GM: No, you don't find any flashlights.

Player that did RSVP: Can I find a flashlight?

GM: Sure, you find a display that has the exact type flashlight you're looking to possess in a variety of colors.

Player that Didn't RSVP: Can I have one of them.

GM: No, there was only the one that player that did RSVP took.

That would have been a bad situation socially, but hilarious. The whole looting of the store would have turned into a comedy.

The looting was taking quite a while, so at a certain point I had a loud buzzer echo throughout the installation, and half the lights turn off. Then as they were exploring the rest of the "maze" I read the descriptions of the remaining rooms to make sure I wasn't missing any details (It was a busy day and I hadn't taken the time to read through the notes beforehand) and realized that I had invented a situation that was already written into the story—with my own flavor text that was not included in the Adventure Book. That was cool.

While exploring this space my wife realized that they were experiencing a modern dungeon craw; and for a moment she flipped into dungeons and dragons mode as far as play goes, it was amusing. 

The best part, was that they were looking for the Armory, and it was behind the last door they opened in the main hallway. It was great, I couldn't have planned it that way if I wanted.

I had to use my poker face during this session—I can't elaborate until later.

Now I just need to plan something cool for the Explosive conclusion. If everyone that has played at least one session shows up there will be thirteen in attendance for the finale. There are three people on the invite list, then never played a session. One never came, one came one night and then didn't play, and one came on a night that we were playing other games.

What I got out of this session was fun. There was a moment when I was questioned about a bonus for having a laser sight on a gun, I consulted the Rulebook but I didn't see anything, and so he said—well you're the GM make a ruling. I would have, right then and there—but I knew they probably wouldn't encounter a reason to use that during this session, so I just told him I would make a ruling when the need arises. This banter meant a lot to me, because it meant that my authority as the games referee is in tact.

I have sort of made up my mind on the answer. I did some research on the use of a laser sight and developed a house rule. Then I searched all my Savage Worlds supplements and found a laser sight in Necessary Evil. Mine is more detailed and "realistic"—but the Necessary Evil version is simplified, which makes it more FFF as they like to say at Pinnacle Entertainment Group (That stands for Fast Furious Fun). So I haven't made my final decision yet—but I'm informed enough to make the decision now. (Also, my gut instinct, i.e. what I would have said in-game if they had decided to run down the hall and enter the Barracks and force me to make the ruling then and there, matches the rule in Necessary Evil)

I need to go read the Mass Battle Rules about fifteen times now...

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  1. I can't wait for the final session!
    The penultimate one was great fun!