Thursday, January 21, 2010

To The Players of My Upcoming Deadlands Reloaded Campaign

The Following Are Some notes that I recently made about things that I want to introduce into our game-play experience.

Part of the Character creation in Deadlands Reloaded requires that you make note of your character's greatest fear. I also want to know each Character's greatest weakness, and greatest vice.

I want to use a group template for this campaign, and I'm hoping for more consistency of players.

I want to try having Players describe their own Character's failures.
I want to try having Players describe what their Characters see (Expanding on a basic description that I feed them).

I want to encourage note passing character to character, and characters to GM

I want to use some advice that I read, and pay attention to the player's character sheets to help me in planning sessions.

I need to ask a lot of Why questions.

I need to make things happen to the characters that cannot be ignored.

I need to Read Gumshoe and Implement the Investigative theory of that game into any investigatory plot points of the campaign.

I know there are other things as well—I'll Amend the list when I remember them.

For instance—I remember some talk on one of the pod-casts I listen to about a three by three thing—wherein character back stories are tied together from the beginning by three things of one type and three things of another type, or something like that, but I can't recall the details.


  1. I like your ideas. I think I'll need some help with it though. = )

  2. It is always fun to make the chars think.

    Your char's are fun for me to work with. Your chars in my games, particularly Gillian, seem to be more developed. Well developed Characters are fun to play and easy for the DM to tell a story about. Well developed characters have drive and they want to do more than kill the monster and steal the treasure. Well developed char are more than just munckins.

    I must admit, Xerxes was not a very well developed char. I will do better next time.