Friday, February 26, 2010

It Must Be a GM Thing

So, back when I was playing Dungeons and Dragons, I would laugh a little inside every time our Game Master (GM) would drag this big giant bag full of books through my front door. Usually only four or five of the books would even be referenced; The Player's Guide, The Game Master's Guide, The Monster Manual (occasionally), A Guide to Faerûn since we were playing in the Forgotton Realms, and a Psionics Guide (since we had one mental player, hehe).

But now I'm running Savage Worlds and even though I rarely need to reference a Book that is not the Core Rulebook or the Setting Rulebook. I find myself wanting to always have all those other books available—you know, just in case.

Though I've always wanted all my information to be close at hand.

I remember when I was a kid, I had this Astronaut action figure that was my favorite and I took that thing everywhere.  I imagined how cool it would be, if inside the domed helmet  there was a tiny little bookcase that had all my books and records on it—and a little tiny astronaut that could load said records onto a little tiny record player for me so I could listen to them. (I don't think I ever thought about how I could read the little books...)

It's no wonder that I carry an MP3 Player (80 G Zune for the Curious) with close to forty  gigabytes of Music and just under forty gigabytes of Movies stored on it—I even have ten novels stored on it in picture format (it's not an e-reader, but I was bound and determined to use it as one).

I'll be glad when I have a Notion Ink Adam and can more easily carry all the books around that I want.

Sometimes I feel like I have the brain of a Dragon—I have all this stuff that I hoard (Music, Movies, Books), I may not use it all, but I want access to it at any given moment, so I must have my collection within reach at all times.

So maybe it's not a GM thing.

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  1. I think it's a "you" thing or possibly a geek thing.