Monday, February 08, 2010

New Campaign—Character Creation Thoughts

We held our character creation session for the upcoming Deadlands: Reloaded Campaign this weekend. P's wife and kids were sick, so he was unable to attend. I think things went relatively well, but we didn't get to the portion of the character creation that I wanted to make sure happened.

So we have: Matthias Wilkinson, a Gambler that got caught up in some women troubles in New Orleans and took a slow boat to Shan Fan; Ada Pearl, southern belle with a nasty case of wanderlust; I didn't get Tiffany's Character's name (I don't think she chose it yet) a Bounty Hunter, and ... Not exactly fleshed out, but the numbers are on the character sheet; and P's character (He's probably got a great name picked out—but I don't know it yet), a Law Dog that had a Falling out with the Texas-Rangers and is now working as a free agent.

The one thing I wanted to get to was finding some connections between the character's past lives—before they were hired by their mysterious benefactor. I have an Idea for a connection between my wife's and Tiffany's characters that I need to run by them.

I'm looking forward to playing a game with more fleshed out characters. I think Tiffany's would be further along, if we could talk her into hopping onto Google Wave with the rest of us.

I'm a little torn now about the invitations that I send out for each session. During Zombie Run I had a group of fifteen people and no more than five ever actually showed up. Characters were a little more two dimensional, but I think that was okay for the setting, and for my first campaign as Game Master. I was hoping this game could be a little more fleshed out, so at this point I'm considering changing the invite to only people that have fleshed out a character, however, I'm of the opinion that the more the merrier (even though I think I'd panic if fifteen people showed up to a session). I don't want to Exclude anyone that just wants to show up some random week—but throwing together a character in 5–10 minutes like we did for Zombie Run is not what I had in mind for this campaign. I'm not sure what to do...any thoughts?


  1. I'm not sure about your dilemma, maybe have some PC's already drawn up for use of random people?

    To further explain my character: I learned all my nifty skillz from the young slick Foreman of my family's plantation. I always thought there was something out there I was meant to do, but didn't let the wanderlust take over until I came of age and the Foreman expressed no interest in courting me. After years of looking up to him I felt spurned and left to go on to hopfully bigger and better things.

  2. I think that having a couple of pre gens is an excellent idea. I think that I have a pretty good character name. Though at this moment I can't recall what it is.

  3. I also like the idea of a couple of pregened chars.

    I also think that people who are hit and miss should play characters who are a more subsidiary role. That is until the show up consistently.