Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dicecreator's Dice

Anyone that follows my ramblings should know I have a wee obsession with Dice.

Which leads me to looking for unique dice once in a while. A while ago, I stumbled across someone that manufactures unique and custom dice—and sells them on e-Bay, through his store: Unconventional Dice.

Shortly thereafter, I learned about his blog: Dicecreator's Blog, and I've been following it ever since. I have planned to purchase some of his carbon fiber and unusually numbered dice when I get the chance.

Then there was a contest in which I participated—and won. So here we are. I won the opportunity to review some of the dice created by the Dicecreator. FULL DISCLOSURE: I was sent a pair of dice free, for review purposes. 

Let's start with a picture of the dice.

We have here a Halo Die and a Steam-punk Die.

The Symbols are inlaid brass, and they look very nice. I thought I read somewhere care instructions for the dice so that the patina they develop is nice and even, but I can't seem to locate that. With brass in there you would wonder about the fairness. I know that is a real concern of the Dicecreator and he has made a commitment to never sell an unfair dice.

I'm no statistician, but they do seem to roll just like every other d6 I own—they roll all over the place: high, low, and medium. They roll low when I want them to roll high and high when I want them to roll low.

Now here's the funny thing, I just described the way they roll as fair, just like all the other dice I own—and now I'm going to describe the way they roll as just like the loaded dice that I own. What could I possibly mean by that? It's because of the brass. The added weight makes them skittle across the table low, i.e. they don't bounce as high as standard dice, but they do roll as far.

It was kind of weird to see at first, and I couldn't quite figure it out until I watched it a few times.

Let's talk quality. These dice have been in my pocket since I received them. Here is a picture of the contents of said pocket.

You may not think a pocket is a rough place to travel, but look at the phone and the pen. All that damage happened in my pocket. The dice are durable enough to take the abuse. In fact, I found myself rather clumsy the week I received them and dropped them from about four feet on multiple occasions.

I must say, I really enjoy these dice. They look great, they're easy to read, they're fun to use at the game table, they're durable, high quality.

I give them A+, 4 Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and every other Appropriate Superlative Available.


  1. Did you switch to a Precise V5? Because I can get you P-500s. Campus bookstore sells them one-off. They're like $1.89. I need to break down and buy another 12-pack online. I think they're a little cheaper that way, but I have to buy $50 worth of pen to make the shipping worth it. Nobody should ever have to use the Precise V5. The tip looks the same but, at least the one time I tried them, it's far from the same Pen, and anything but precise -- the line width is ALL OVER the place.

  2. They had a bunch at work, so that's what I've been using lately. I haven't even seen P-500s where I used to buy them.

  3. Not only that the dice are a crowd pleaser. The first time you bust them out during a game everyone wanted to try them and also admired them.
    I think they are pretty cool, even if it takes me a minute to count all the spokes on the wheel one. = )