Friday, May 14, 2010

Let the Job Search Begin

So, officially my last day was a week ago though I left Thursday and did not return. I've spent the week updating my resume and pulling together all the graphic design I did in the past two years to update my portfolio.

I'm tempted to post my resume here, but I try to Keep information about where I live vague on this site. Though I think that that may not have been the case when I first started the blog, so It might be a moot point, I haven't gone back and looked.

Monday they told us to apply for unemployment now, and by now they meant before June first. Today I tried twice to do so and the website crashed on me. The second time I decided to call as instructed, because I had gotten much further into the process and didn't want to type all that stuff in again.

I forgot that it was Friday, and our local government doesn't do Fridays. Perhaps I'll try again later today...or wait until Monday.


  1. Yes, good luck.
    About the time you were finishing junior high, my then-husband got laid off. We didn't do unemployment, but lived off my salary alone for 8 months. It was tight, but okay.
    I hope nothing worse than that happens to you.