Sunday, June 01, 2008

Last Night's Gaming Session

No fights, very little rolling of the dice, and a Mission that seems eerily familiar.

While I don't mind the High RP nature of the session, in fact I prefer it, but there's just something about the random number generation of a die skittering across a tabletop that excites something primal within me. What's going to happen? I don't know, but let's allow this die to determine the outcome.

I have now a mission from a ghost to seek out and find missing spell-books. Which is odd, because I had to do that in another game with a different GM.

I'm a little concerned that my GM has turned my character into Luke Skywalker/Harry Potter. I won't get into too much detail as to my meta-gaming thoughts, as he reads the blog.

I had a very set idea of who my character was when we started this campaign. I had a very fleshed out character to begin with because last campaign I felt like I had no motivation. I do not enjoy playing FI TOR. So I came up with a background. Nothing overly creative, more an amalgamation of several cliche's. But GM has expounded on my unknowns and I have no idea what my character is anymore, at least it's still interesting.

A friend of ours came over late into the game. Generally he's a munchkin, but last night he had pretty much missed the last 3 gaming sessions, and was really confused as to the nature of the current situation, so he reverted to his munchkin ways and his character just stayed in his room at the inn and made potions. There was only about an hour left in our gaming session when he showed up with his brother. Due to things my character had recently learned my character had a run in with his brother's character. It was late and I was quite tired. I fell asleep for a bit, while the two of them were conversing with a ghost.

I've noticed that in our group, when our characters are getting along we don't speak as our characters; but as soon as our characters have a disagreement, regardless of how small, we jump right into character.

This is when we have the most humorous gaming moments.


  1. It's true! I need to work on finding my character's motivation and speaking for my character. It would make things more interesting. I do like rolling my dice too, because they're so pretty!

  2. Come on! ya gotta give a little more info then you have. What system are you playing? let's hear a little background about your campaign world. I love to roll the dice, but good RP is hard to beat.

  3. We're playing D&D 3.25 The world we are playing in is a Home-brew world of DM's Creation. In my head we are playing in an alternate India (as far as the map goes).

    I like to mess with the system and play roles that are a little "different." — A Gnome Monk. That's right you heard me.

    The background that I came up with was that my family was killed and I was deposited at the monastery (How else would a Gnome end up as a monk?) I was taught the Monastic Martial Arts, but I hold no faith in their belief system.

    Growing up, the Monks informed me that my entire village was destroyed and my family killed by a "barbaric" horde, whose signature weapon was an ornately decorated Battle-Axe. So not only have I trained in the Monastic Arts, but I have trained heavily with a Battle-Axe as well. Hence my Moniker: Gillean of the Battle-Axe.

    Basically I Imagined myself a "rogue" monk that was determined to destroy those who destroyed my family, not really for vengeance — that's not a very monkey thing to do — more for the personal honor of my family and for the protection of others that might suffer due to their barbaric acts.

    My only clues to the past were the Battle-Axe I wielded (a "replica" of the original used by this particular barbaric band); and the Tattoos on the face of my fore-arms.

    Thus far in the campaign I've learned that the barbarians that destroyed my village were led by a Gnome.

    That the hoard of barbarians were once a contingent of a very noble band of lawful warriors — the Royal Army or some such... — led by an honorable pair of Gnomes (the best and the Brightest) that for some unknown reason went "insane" and started terrorizing the world.

    That my Tattoos are really arcane marks.

    I'm guessing that the Pair of Gnomes are my parents and I'm not really from The Valley of Three Rivers(à la Luke Skywalker) I'm also wildly speculating that the Arcane marks on my arms were what protected me from whatever drove my "parents" insane (à la Harry Potter)

    Now that I've gotten that out in the open, perhaps GM will change everything because I've guessed too closely; or he'll just have a good hearty laugh at how completely wrong I am.

  4. I like. it sounds very fun. I love the idea of a Gnome Monk, very kung fu western... taken the pebble from my hand grasshopper, not my pocket.

  5. ma ha ha ha ha ha. (evil GM laugh) I think that I will take option b laughing at how wrong you still are.

    Something you have right others....well not so much.

    An alternate india is not a bad way to view the map that is pretty much what I had in mind when I created the map.