Sunday, June 08, 2008

More about Wii Fit.

Last time I mentioned this, I explained that I had been foolish and had not pre-ordered. I was under the impression that I would not have a Wii Fit until the 16th of this month (that was when new stock shipments were due). Tuesday my friend that works in a warehouse called and told me that he was bringing one home for me.

First — when you are just playing this on your own and not messing around with a group of friends, you can really work up a sweat. Second — the game thinks it's funny. Since I had played it lightly a couple times and then the device went home to my friend's house, when I started into the game again it made fun of the fact that I had not played in a while, it acted as though it had forgotten my name. Third — it's a lot more fun to work up a sweat to Wii Fit than any other exercise program I've ever tried.

Thing is, I hate exercising, it's boring; but this makes it into a game — and I love to play games (sports do that too, but. . . I hate sports). So an hour goes by fast. When I'm jogging in place and my legs are hurting as my Mii is running all over a cartoony island jog park, I have to keep pushing forward, because it is a game that must be beaten. I keep saying to myself keep going, you've done this before, this "level" cannot defeat you. I really hope that they make more fitness titles that use the balance board.

So now that I've done it just about every day for nearly a week I can truly say I'm really pleased with the product. It's fun and will help me get in some much needed physical activity; I've really been turning into a couch potato.


  1. Not to mention it's helping you eat better, because you are trying to "beat" your previous day and don't want to fall behind! Keep resisting the sweets, if you can do it maybe I can too, lol!

  2. i've really been thinking long and hard about bitting the bullet and getting one. I didn't think I'd EVER own a gaming system...but the Wii is calling to me...taunting me...promising me a smaller waist and thighs. What's a girl to do?

  3. and hey, it looks great with Anything from Ikea!

  4. I think it's funny when you let Moira tell you how to make the creature. You need to post one of her creations!

  5. Ah Wii Fit. I love it. The whole exercise = games is an awesome idea. So does Jacob, he's 4 now. But what's with the "that's obese" statement??? I guess one has to realize where he's at and move on. I'm down to "that's overweight" Too bad you couldn't put in your own insults for other family members... I mean praise.