Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Chrome So Far

So far I really Like it.

It's Fast... No, Really Fast..... Did I mention Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast?

It's only missing one thing as far as I'm concerned. I miss my Google Tool-bar Bookmarks Drop down Menu.
It's odd that there is no Google Tool-bar integrated, at the very least it should have my Google Bookmarks Integrated.

95% converted..


  1. So is this a website search? Or something you have to download to your computer? I just heard about it yesterday via your blog and a friend.

  2. Google Chrome is a new web browser.

    To put it simply: A replacement for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, or Safari.

    It's still in beta, and you can install it by going here.

  3. Haven't tried it yet. have been a pretty avid firefox user for years now. perhaps it's time to make a switch?

  4. I'm not switching completely just yet. But that's because I realized the other Google toolbar tool I can't live without, when I was trying to do a little research last night. I remembered the other reason I'm an avid Google Toolbar user. When you search using the Google Toolbar all your search terms are listed on the toolbar.

    We've all been there. You do a search and see a promising hit. You go to the page, but it is so long and full of data that you cannot find what your search found on the page. With Google Toolbar, just click the search term you want and it will go right to that word on the page, or you can click the Highlighter and it will highlight all your search terms on the page.

    If it had my Google bookmarks available on a drop down, and the Google toolbar search parameter highlighting/"hyper-linking" ability; or a Google toolbar (which I'm sure it will . . . soon) I'd be 100% switched already.

  5. So when will Google toolbar be ready for Chrome?
    Once my lappy is fixed I want to install it.

  6. Nobody Knows the answer to that except Google.

    But knowing what I know about Google, they're probably already developing it — or more likely some Google Gears implementation that has the same functionality.

  7. another reason to hold back, just a bit, on switching to chrome.

  8. You may want to check that Link again. It has updated. The EULA has been fixed.

  9. Hey man Chrome seems pretty cool, I'm not converted yet but I am enjoying it. how's your gaming going? Are you playing any 4E yet? I'd like to hear more about your current game.

  10. No We're not playing 4E yet. In fact we haven;t even been wrapping up our 3.25E campaign. Roll Playing has been sparse as life has been full. I'll definitely post when we do game.

    In fact, I should post about the Gaming I have been doing.

  11. I've got it running in my Virtual Environment, but on my main enviro, it comes up, and gives the error... There was an error loading the page. and the only option is "Restart" It restarts and then same error. Nice loop huh? Will have to re-download the app and try again. I really like the move-ability of the tabs, in and out of the window. Way cool.

    Have also been playing with IE 8 beta too. It is just the same old browser with form issues now and a bunch of Microsoft "accelerators." Guess they needed a way to cram their web services down your throat. You can add your own such as Google and what not. Also Ctrl + t (like firefox) now creates a new tab. If you're into shortcuts like I am. For now I am sticking to Firefox and all my awesome plug ins that update automatically.

    Yeah, was sorry to not see more app integration, such as bookmarks, calendar, etc... although there is some google app integration.

    Hopefully the full release version will be a little more feature rich. But it will only be Version 1. Many more versions to come and many more browser innovations too.