Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Tale of Two Canons

When we were in Sun Valley, it finally happened. It's been threatening for a while. But in Sun Valley, it bit the Bucket. This is a sample of what our camera was doing.

And it only looked like that, if there was a LOT of light. Normal Lighting conditions generally gave an all black image.
Well, then Kella was born, We borrowed my sister's camera in the hospital. Well, with a new baby and no camera—that's living in the Dark ages. So I found the same model we already had on E-bay for about $60, it was Just the camera, no battery, memory card, not even a wrist strap. Since it was the same model we already had all that stuff. 
I got repair quotes from Canon and from Local Camera shops and every one quoted $180. Now that we had a replacement I was going to be brave and open the thing up and see if it was just a loose connection. I wasn't about to crack it open blindly so I went online and was trying to find information. I'm glad that I didn't open it, I should have known this, but didn't think about it — the flash holds a pretty significant charge and I can see myself getting a pretty good shock. The other thing I found out when I was researching, was that the problem my camera was experiencing was covered regardless of warranty status, as it was a manufacturing defect. So I sent it in and they repaired it Free of Charge. They even paid the shipping, both ways.
So, now we both have our own cameras. 

UPDATE: I thought all was well, then I started taking pictures with the camera that was returned. The Camera is Near Sighted. With a new Baby in the house Close up pictures get taken a lot; then I was taking some pictures down town and they were all coming out blurry. Every picture I take that focuses past 4 or 5 feet is blurry. 

I called Canon again and they stated they will be sending another shipping label—I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE: The Camera Has returned, it's normal vision has been restored. . . . "and there was much rejoicing—yay"


  1. Yea for warranty issues that get fixed for free! And yea for two cameras. Mike was wishing we had two last time he had to travel. Because I wasn't about to part with mine for an entire week! The kids might do something cute!!!!

  2. Hey did I give you permission to use my image in that sort of display of Andy Roony pop art?

  3. and by that I mean Andy Warhol, of course.

  4. It's very nice to bothe have our own cameras!
    It'd be even nicer if they were different (like a small one for carrying around and a bigger nicer one for better zoom and such).

  5. Its a good thing you checked into the warranty and also that you were able to buy the same camera for so cheap. I keep telling Tyler we each need a camera becasue he keeps taking it to work and then I miss out on some cool photo ops.

  6. Even though the picture didn't turn out right, it turned out very artistic.