Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I Thought I Was in Familiar Territory

Google Chrome Launches today I understand.

It's a new browser.

I was thinking to myself, let's check it out—because I really Like Google products. (I can't live without Google Toolbar, and you shouldn't either)

So I did a search to see what I could learn about this new browser and was eventually led to this site.
It's a comic book that explains the mindset behind the creation of the new Browser, because everyone is thinking, "I already have Firefox (or insert favorite browser here) why do I need Chrome?"

As I was reading the Comic and being really impressed by the thought that went into Chrome. I kept thinking this artwork is familiar... the whole feel of this comic is familiar. I think I even said to myself this feels like Scott McCloud.

Then I got to the end credits. 

Words by the Google Chrome Team. Comics Adaptation by Scott McCloud.


I own Understanding Comics, and Reinventing Comics, and I would Like to Get Making Comics.
I just knew that the whole thing felt like I had been there done that, even though it was completely new.


  1. You know your stuff!
    I'm interested to see this Chrome you speak of.

  2. Uh... who's Scott McCloud? Besides the one who did the Chrome illustration illustration?

  3. Scott McCloud is a Cartoonist best known for his theoretical and intellectual musings on the Art Form of comics done in the Comic book art form found in his books Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics, and Making Comics.