Thursday, April 02, 2009

Even More Zombies!!! Goodness on the Horizon.

Humans!!! 2: "Offering new and exciting ways for humans and zombies to try to take over the city." (Aug 09)

Bag o' Zombie Clowns: We always run out when playing Zombies!!! 7—so this is great. (Sept 09)

Zombietown 3: Expansion for the Board Game—No other details. (Oct 09)

Zombies!!! Scenario Book: Offering even more ways to play with hundreds of plastic zombies. (Oct 09)

and while not directly Zombie Related—The Deadlands Board Game. (Aug 09) There are Zombies in the Weird West.

These announcements are so new I don't have any more details than what's offered here. Take note that release dates are close to my birthday [Caveat—Twilight Creations release dates are always early. i.e. Zombies!!! 8 was origilally slated for Mar 09 and the word now is that most likely it will be through customs April 20; therefore on shelves a bit later than that.]


  1. Santa should deliver Zombies, it's such a fun visual.