Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lawyers Equal Unnecessary Hilarity

The world is sue happy. This is because a ridiculously large amount of people are convinced that winning a frivolous lawsuit is the only way to get rich. This is because people have won ridiculous lawsuits, when in fact, the gray matter contained within the head plus a little bit of common sense should have kept them safe. The lack of common sense on the part of idiots and judges (who should know better) has led to large amounts of copy being written that just don't need to be. But everyone lives in a state of fear. The fools are running the kingdom.

I present this little gem as proof. I was getting driving directions on Google Maps, and noticed this copy in the bottom left hand corner, that I had never noticed before, and genuinely didn't need to waste my time reading, because frankly, I knew it already—but apparently Google lives in fear that someone stupid will hurt them self and sue. . . . quoting:

"These directions are for planning purposes only. You may find that construction projects, traffic, weather, or other events may cause conditions to differ from the map results, and you should plan your route accordingly. You must obey all signs or notices regarding your route."

I rest my case.


  1. Wow, are people really that stupid? It's not Google's fault if any of those things get in someone's way. All these little disclaimers drive me bats!

  2. Its that reason right there that kids can't be kids. Too many disclaimers freak us parents out.

  3. Hence the sticker on your lawn mower. Do not put foot under mower when blade is engaged. We do suffer from morbid stupidity in this nation, not to say anything about how great we are at blaming others for it. Lawyers just encourage the whole mess.

  4. What do you get if you throw all the lawyers into the ocean… the great barrister reef.

    There are many examples of stupid lawsuits. I wonder if someone already sued Google maps?