Monday, April 06, 2009

Odd Dice

I have admitted to being somewhat obsessed with dice. There's just something about the randomness that appeals to me on a primal level. Perhaps this is why gambling is popular—but I'm not stupid—the games I play never put my money on the line (other than the initial purchase).

Most people have only seen a six sided die:
A lot of Role Playing Games utilize a much wider selection of dice utilized as random decision makers for a variety of situations where the odds require percentages of possible failure that cannot be handled by the humble d6 (that's standard gaming dice notation for six sided die).

A six sided die can decide a 16%, 33%, 50%, & 66% chance of success. (and 100%, but there's no point in rolling for 100%)

Role playing games have introduced a number of different sided dice and a standard gaming set now includes:
a d4 a d6 a d8
a d10 a d% a d12
and a d20

My obsession has led me to purchase a number of non standard dice that have no practical use, but they're fun to have.

You can use a coin as a d2
I wanted a d6 with 3 zeroes and 3 ones for the same purpose

You can roll a d6, divide by three, and round up to simulate a 3 sided die—or if you're crazy like I am you can get a d6 numbered 1-3 twice
If you're really nutty you can get this rounded prism to use as a d3

I have a d10 numbered 1-5 twice
I have another prismatically shaped d5

I have a d7 as well

Due to their shapes you may think that the d5 and d7 aren't as fair as your typical platonic solid shaped dice, but the inventor spent a lot of time playing with the widths and shapes, and they have been scientifically certified as being just as fair as your standard platonic solids.

I have d14

A d16       
A d18 made of rubber that is not mathematically fair

A d20 that is numbered 1-10 twice
A d20 that made of rubber that is not fair

A d24
Another rubbery not fair d26

A d30
A d30 numbered 1-10 three times

A d34

A d50

And a d100 filled with sand so it actually stops

I have a standard gaming set in crystalline shapes.
d4 d6 d8
d10 and d% d12
and d20 .

A d7 based on illustrations found in a 17th century parlor games book.

a d8 numbered 1-4 twice

a wedge shaped d4
A d4 that forms the cap of a pyramid at games end

This constitutes the end of our tour of my odd dice. A lot of these are difficult to find, but then there are others that are not. I would like to create a game that uses a set of dice that are not standard, but not impossible to find. i.e. a d3, d5, d7, d14, d16, d24, and d30. But I have so many ideas bouncing around in my head, and so many unfinished projects that that is an idea that may never come to fruition.


  1. LOL... I always thought that dice was one of your cooler obsessions. Thanks for sharing. Someday you can open up the d Museum in your basement and charge the neighborhood kids to see thing they'll never see anywhere else.

  2. You have a real problem... maybe some professional help might help..

  3. I would love to see how your game turns out, maybe I'll even help you!
    And thanks for spreading your dice obsession over to me!

  4. oh cool what game are we going to invent (assuming you're going to let me help)