Saturday, October 17, 2009

Not a Complete Bust

Tonight's Zombie Run Game Didn't Happen. All signs were pointing to the biggest session thus far.

I had five people RSVP (Usually I only have Two RSVP and I generally have 3-5 show). Of those five I had two show up (counting my wife). One of them has been out of a job for a while and has an interview coming up, but his art portfolio is not properly geared for the work they want him to do. So, I can understand that—he's cramming. One was sick—so, to that person thank you for not coming. One person was driving home from a trip to their Grandparents. I understand wanting to just go home and relax after a long trip.

So there we were. Me, my wife and one other player. The table leaves were in, the Game Master screen was up—dice a plenty itching to be rolled, Donuts, Brownies, and Ice Cream at the ready. Had there been at least one more player I would have gone ahead and played.

So, my wife stayed home, and I and the one player that did show went to a movie—a movie she didn't want to see—so, as the title says, the night was not a complete bust.

The next session falls on Halloween—so I know it's going to be nigh impossible to get the group together...Maybe. I still intend to run a session—I hope I can get enough people together. I really really want to play on Halloween.

1 comment:

  1. It's weird how things work out sometimes.
    I had an enjoyable time at home reading my book though.