Monday, October 26, 2009

Uhhh...Does My Ring Tone Really Warrant That Sort of Reaction?

So, Mondays I spend the morning at a different office. Since I'm only there once a week, I don't have a proper cubicle/office. When I first stated going to the location—I would just grab an empty cubicle. Then one day I showed up and all the cubicles were full.

So I went to the office coordinator and was giving her a hard time about not saving me a seat, and she gave me a proper office. It was technically assigned to someone else—someone that had literally used it once. Then they needed that office for another person that was to be on site regularly. I was moved to a corner office to share with someone else.

So I'm sitting here in the office and my Cell Phone Rings—and he Busts up Laughing. I answered the phone and did a little trouble shooting. When I hung up he apologized for laughing, he thought that my phone was some Illicit Website that I had unintentionally opened and was striving to desperately close.

I thought my ring tone was decidedly Jazzy—not Strip Teasey.

1 comment:

  1. Your ring tone is fine. The real question is how does this guy know what kind of music they play on "those sites"?