Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Stuff I See Walking to and From Work

I've taken some pictures (over the past year or so) of things I find interesting on my walk to and from the bus stop. The time has come to share. Behold: The Walk to/from Work Photo Dump.

There is this Greek or Roman style head.

Well—part of a head—over the entrance of an otherwise unassuming building.

I saw this guy pasted onto a wall one morning.

And I spotted this guy from the bus the next morning, so I had to walk over and get a picture.

I've seen several of these painted onto the sidewalk. Someone must have a Vendetta.

There was this little tower of stones on the sidewalk one day.

This appeared overnight.

This appeared overnight some time later in the same spot.

I've seen a so many abandoned Shoes, I started taking pics just so I could post about it.

That Grass is taller than me.

There's this plaque on a bench.

However the bench is missing an important element—this amuses me.

There's this area with Thistles that grow taller than me.

That isn't the tallest one but it's close. I was waiting and waiting to take a picture of the taller one because the flowers hadn't bloomed purple yet, and finally I decided I'd better take a picture before they chop the things down. Then I proceeded with video mode instead of camera. I didn't stop to change the camera mode and take the shot because I didn't want to miss the bus—next morning they had been chopped.

This one grew later, it wasn't tall. It's hard to tell from the picture, but that big leaf in the front is a good 3–4 feet wide. (Incidentally it was chopped the day after I took the picture)

When they finally bloomed I took a picture as well.

This was nowhere near Halloween. It was July.

A "Crop Circle"

And we'll end with a Rainbow.


  1. Cool pictures. At least your walk to work isn't dull. I appreciate the fact you can take pleasure in and even find beauty and humor in a daily mundane act like that. That's awesome.

  2. I love that you always have your camera with you, it makes for some fun pictures!

  3. Fantastic. You have an odd walk to walk...and there is some amusing stuff too.