Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cinderella: Space Ranger

So my daughter wanted to stay up late and read a book the other night, but it was already far past her bedtime, so I told her we could play a dice game tomorrow.

The Dice Game indicates that we play a little improvised role playing game using her jumbo, over sized, plush dice.

The Game generally starts with the traditional, "once upon a time..."

Usually we end up sending a princess on some mad cap adventure—okay, this time was no different. She wanted the story to be about Cinderella. She was wearing Buzz Lightyear pajamas. Let the Mash-up begin!

Granted, I didn't take it as far as I could have. I didn't make her step-relatives show up to aid Emperor Zurg. The story ended up pretty good, due mostly to the both of us rolling badly.

I use a very simple system derived from Savage Worlds—(are you surprised?)

• She picks a single Die (She started with the d12, but I had her switch when I realized it was giving us d2 results [plush dice aren't exactly precision random number generators])
• Every character has every attribute and skill represented by that die, the target number for success is four.
• Dice explode (re-roll and add the result if the highest number on the die is rolled)
• I take raises into account when narrating the story (Raises being every result that is +4 over the target number of 4 [i.e. 8 is one raise 12 is two etc.]). Raises make the results even better.

She doesn't know all this, she knows that anything over four is a success and she loves it!

Cinderella and Buzz Lightyear of Space Command went to face the Evil Emperor Zurg. They fired on his ship and missed, he fired back and missed, they fired again and missed, he fired back and got them. They crashed into a cargo bay and then deployed the wings on their Space Suits and flew out to face Zurg. There was a fist fight, Cinderella had the upper hand and was about to put hand cuffs on him when Zurg managed to land a desperate punch which knocked her out. Then Buzz Stepped in and kept Zurg occupied while Cinderella tried to regain consciousness, once she was up again they tag teamed him and managed to get him into hand cuffs and then took him to the space dungeon.

Good times!

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  1. That is so cool! I want to play with you guys next time!