Sunday, March 21, 2010

Drunken Gnomes—Russian Sub

A Few Months ago I picked up Rзd Novзmbзr.

In this game you play a crew member of a sinking Russian submarine (The Red November). A Submarine Crewed by Gnomes. Gnomes that are getting Drunk.

Turn order is determined with a time track. You have to keep the Submarine from getting destroyed in a "60 minute" time period, each action takes a certain amount of time—and as time passes, bad things happen.

There is a fairly new phenomenon in the world of board games called the Cooperative Game. There may have been cooperative games in the past, but we are literally in the middle of a Cooperative Game Renaissance. I think that what a lot of people like about cooperative games is the lack of competition, it's you and your friends against the game.

We were doing pretty good, for a first time play through. Most cooperative games are pretty brutal (they have to be a challenge or else they would get boring pretty fast) and this was seeming to be tough, but not impossible, and then everything hit the figurative fan and we lost with a mere ten minutes left to go. Half the Sub was on fire and the other half was flooded.

The rulebook even had variations to make the game more challenging. Crazy!! (To be fair it also had a variation that would seem to make it easier, called Less Deadly Death)

We've only had a chance to play it once, but I'm itching to play again. I would recommend this game to anyone.

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